Hotel Casino Acaray

Azar Internacional took as a challenge the remodeling, refurbishment and extension of the original Hotel Acaray, today called Hotel Casino Acaray with a total and complete reform of the original project that was conceived in 1965 and whose property belongs to the Institute of Social Security of the Nation.

The building was one of the most emblematic of the city and today with the architectural and historical value for the young city is a unique tourist and entertainment proposal in the region ranking the city.

The project proposed by the architect Nelly Espínola de Corvalan is born from the original structure with the comforts and demands that contemporary society demands in terms of functionality, pleasure, rest and business. The building emerges with a gentle curve open to the Paraná River integrating in this way the own landscape in a unique and vital space.

The project maintains the four original levels that were unified through a glazed structure that unites these, creating an enveloping atmosphere, both in the lobby of the hotel that has 10 meters in height and in the central hall of the casino whose height reaches the 6 meters.

The building has a constructed area of ​​more than 10,000 m2 distributed in different levels and two large blocks that constitute the Hotel and the Casino, both fused through common areas, such as: event rooms, kitchen and service units. To all these are added the complementary areas: swimming pool, quincho, SPA framed in lush nature and on the banks of the Paraná River.